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Pikeman - November 4, 2015, 10:39 am
Always knew he was left of center.


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RonaldReagan - June 11, 2015, 4:53 pm
Nice fella in real life. Met him once. Women were his weakness. How was what he did any different than Bill? Getting ready to put him back into office. Interns better take cover. Yes we Cain!


CRAZY OLD COOT - Doesn't like the young punks in the neighborhood.

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HERMAN CAIN - Black conservative and not ashamed.

Traitor John -

CRAZY OBAMA - Still a better alternative than the mormons, psycho fact-ignorers, chubbie old white dudes, and pizza-guy-womanizers running against him

CAIN VS OBAMA - If the two run against each other then no one can claim racial bigotry is going on without sounding like a complete moron.


RACE CARD - The Left can't use it on this one. I guess that's why old accusations are being dug up.

HERMAN CAIN - "If you don't have a job and you're not rich, blame yourself." 9-9-9 "some poor people will pay more taxes."

TEA PARTY RACISTS - I guess with those dark glasses on, Morgan is not seeing too well these days...

THE EMPEROR - I knew McCain was the dark Lord of the Sith. I'm glad I defeated him. - Mace Obama

Insane McCain -


9 9 9 - THE ILLUSIONIST (Hint: Turn your screen upside down)

BIDEN: "ROMNEY IS LIKE BUSH ON STEROIDS" - Joe, if that's true, then Obama is like Jimmy Carter on Crack Cocaine! Hmmm

RHINOS ARE LIKE OLD DOGS - They can't learn new tricks

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Renza - February 13, 2013, 10:12 pm
Not sure what's more concerning, the fact that removing the moderates is a primary goal of the tea party, or what might happen if that doesn't destroy the party...
PapaFox - February 13, 2013, 9:41 pm
Yes. Getting rid of the remaining moderates would pretty much doom the party.
Rudedog - February 13, 2013, 8:46 pm
Aren't Rinos a name that other republicans call the more moderate members of their party?

INTELLIGENCE LEAKS - McCain and others believe are designed to make the president look good. (So tell me why I should vote for a Republican if the things Obama does makes him look like he's doing a good job?)

THE RACE CARD - Pretty hard to call me a racist when I support candidates like Allen West and Herman Cain for national office. When you start talking about crackers and your uncle Tom, we know its your Racist roots showing!


HERMAN CAIN - Man of the people.

SMEARING CAIN - Because its much more fun than talking about the real issues, which would be so much more damaging to Obama!

JOHN MCCAIN - Reason #357 why there is Tea Party.

More concerned about Syrian violations of NATO treaties -

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OTC - September 9, 2013, 11:11 am
I'm sure she didn't use a teleprompter
StoneTools - September 6, 2013, 5:28 pm
Not an unexpected geographically ignorant response from you.
crankyhead - September 6, 2013, 4:37 pm
ST, Pakistan?
crankyhead - September 6, 2013, 4:36 pm
Such a great line. I wonder how long whoever wrote it for her had been saving it?
StoneTools - September 6, 2013, 12:51 pm
Obama claims we aren't declaring war on Syria. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, what was that?
StoneTools - September 6, 2013, 12:50 pm
Let's see: We put people in jail for providing aid and comfort to Al Qaeda, yet our government is now going to aid Al Qaeda by bombing the Syrian government.
JGalt - September 6, 2013, 6:49 am
“So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot” -- Sarah Palin

WINNING - Check the work history, I do it all damn day.

CAIN LEADS THE CLOWN IN POLLS - Well, that's three specific GOP candidates. Looks like OWS is not deflecting The Clown's record.

THE GOP LOST THE PRESIDENCY IN 2008 - by alienating the moral conservative base. Many stayed home or voted 3rd party, rejecting a nominee who was fundamentally a liberal Democrat. That's why Usurper In Chief Obama nevertheless sleeps in the WH.

CAIN: LIBERALS ARE RUINING OUR ECONOMY - and the more this message gets out, the better.

SEXUAL HARASSMENT - The new vogue in career paths for women.

HERMAN - is raising Cain

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StoneTools - September 6, 2013, 1:02 am
I think he's after a whole wardrobe of t-shirts from politifake
Renza - September 5, 2013, 11:34 pm
Pretty sure that's a big part of it. Honestly I've wondered a few times if its some kind of marketing research for some corp or news outlet, or at least something along those lines.
Curlyrocks - September 5, 2013, 11:28 pm
Ever get the feeling he or they are making posters more in the hope of getting likes and shares on facebook than to convey any kind of political message?
Renza - September 5, 2013, 11:04 pm
He's gone through his atheism phase a few times, can't be too long till hes back to the ultra right wing pro christian nation phase again. Guessing the only people who fear the after life though are those who cling to a book that tells them how it ends.
Curlyrocks - September 5, 2013, 10:33 pm
I think he just became an Atheist and the newly found lack of an afterlife is keeping him up late at night. So he trys to impose his fear on others and becomes upset and calls them fools when they don't listen.
ChadAllen - September 5, 2013, 10:16 pm
Finally! A post that isn't knocking religion by that fruitcake vbattaile. I think I scrolled through over a 100 of those things at least when I first logged on. Was beginning to think that's all there was here. That person has some serious issues.

God help us -


11/11/11: CAIN STILL ON TOP - Looks like this liberal witch hunt is backfiring on them. Liberalism: the cancer that eventually kills itself.

Who's The Boss? -

Another McCain moment brought to you by Senility -

When any Senator or Congressman has been in Office for more than 2 decades & our Country has only become worse off... -

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terroraustralis - June 1, 2013, 5:11 pm
this one is good, 5L


MCCAIN SMASH! - The last words the press heard.

WHICH ONE WOULD KING ENDORSE? - Which one would King endorse?

SURFER CAIN - Ridin' the wave!

9/22/11 GOP DEBATE - Herman Cain: "I'd eliminate the EPA." Audience: Thunderous applause Me: Got my vote, sir!

McCain attacks TEA Party -

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ONE GOOD DECISION - does not make a man great. Herman Cain, on the topic of Obama's order to kill Osama bin Laden.


WORST VP EVER - History will show.

Another John McCain moment brought to you by advanced senility -


FRODO - Calls Tea Party members "hobbits".

Idiots: You know 'em as soon as they open their mouths -

HERMAN CAIN OFFICIALLY RUNNING FOR PREZ - Wow! Good news still trickles through every now and then.

HC SAID IT BEST ON THIS ISSUE - "GOVERNMENT doesn't create jobs. BUSINESSES create jobs. We need to get government out of the way, including trying to tell a company where they should build a new plant."

AT LEAST HE GETS IT. - "'The terrorists have one objective: to KILL all of us.' So yes, I believe that we should do whatever means possible to protect the people of this nation."

HC ON IMMIGRATION REFORM - Securing the border, enforcing the laws that are there, promoting the path to citizenship we already have, and empower the states to do what the federal government cannot and is not doing.

TODAY'S POLLS - Lord, America is sooooo racist!

RAISING CAIN - With the Democrats.

THE LEAN MEAN - Cain Campaign Machine

John McCain: A Rinopublican making nice with America's enemies... -

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ChadAllen - September 5, 2013, 8:33 am
The country has had their fill of this Senile RINO!
ChadAllen - September 5, 2013, 8:32 am
McCain uses his service like Obama has used being black. No one gives a $hit anymore as McCain helps this fraud in the White House drag us into World War III. After 30 years in Washington & the U.S. has only declined further, McCain needs to retire!
Curlyrocks - May 30, 2013, 6:50 pm
I think that comparing a Nam vet and POW torture victim to Hanoi Jane crosses the line.

RHINO MCCAIN - Once more, on the wrong side of history

IS HE STAYING IN THE RACE? - Shouldn't he be more worried about staying in the house?

BOO!! - Ha, Ha, just scared the Pelosi out of the Democrats.

WACKO BIRDS - They drive the old coots crazy.

HC ON PATH TO CITIZENSHIP - "We don't NEED a new path. We've got to clean up the bureaucracy in the process."

HERMAN CAIN - trust me its only smoke Sir, Why not sue them for slander?

TO: POSTAL SERVICE - Subj: Forwarding address. Effective Jan. 2013, mail for Mr. H. Cain will be forwarded to this residence.

YEAH - He would have done a way better job than Obama

HYPOCRISY - When a political vendetta becomes more important than the security of the country.

IDIOT SON OF AN ASSHOLE. - Proof that one man CAN make a difference. Through arrogance, deceit, and unfailing stupidity.

MEGAN MCCAIN - the poor man's version of Paris Hilton

HERMAN CAIN - Turn his 9-9-9 Plan upside down and you really have 666


ORIGINALLY CASTED - To star in "Dumb and Dumber".

MCCAIN'S TOWN HALL FIASCO - What happens when you court the loon vote.

MCCAIN'S TOWN HALL FIASCO - Proving once again how cold-hearted the far right can be.

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MCCAIN RETURNS TO DC - After his series of bungled town hall meetings.

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THERE'S BACON?! - Even our beloved silver medalist can't resist sampling pork barrel politics.

BLOOD SUCKING DEMONS... - ... steer wide of such nutcases.

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LEANING IN FOR THE KISS - It's A Risk Worth Taking

HE GETS CRANKY - Especially after he makes an ass of himself

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foxrecon19d - February 3, 2013, 10:24 pm
Either that or you are taking a dig against crankyhead...
foxrecon19d - February 3, 2013, 10:24 pm
Try to get this into your brainwashed head, PapaFox. After all, YOU ARE the propagandist who posted this, right? Who is this poster a dig against? And WHO WON? Your pathetic attempts to "dodge the point" of Obama's epic failures makes you a joke ;)
PapaFox - February 3, 2013, 9:41 pm
Are you aware that your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the poster? Do you just type whatever inane conspiracy theory pops into your head?
foxrecon19d - February 3, 2013, 8:33 pm
Another desperate attempt by a desperate Obama propagandist to try to make you forget...Remind us again who won? The only thing that needs to be said to Democrat propagandists trying to make you forget about Obama's epic fail...heh...heh...heh...

CAIN 2012 - Because the middle class and poor aren't angry enough.

INTEGRITY? - Not on McCain's watch.

Is Herman Cain A Joke, For Real? -

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Zeitguy - August 12, 2014, 6:56 pm
No, just a very disturbing image. But kinda funny.
fauxnews - August 12, 2014, 2:57 pm
EmmaRoydes - August 12, 2014, 2:53 pm

MCCAIN'S RACIST TWEETS - At least it was another Republican who slapped him for it.

SENILITY - When you demand answers to your questions while missing a briefing about them, get a tailor-made briefing just for you, and still can't remember that you already have all the answers you wanted...


HERMAN CAIN - get the fork ready he is about done

HERMAN - They just can't seem to keep it in their pants.

JUDGEMENT - It says a lot about a person

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terroraustralis - February 7, 2013, 12:44 am
if you rely on others to tell you when you're wrong, dont get angry at them for doing their job.
JGalt - February 6, 2013, 6:46 am
you mean like anyone who voted again for the current regime?

NDAA - You can thank Liberals for bringing down the unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act.

MEGHAN MCCAIN - Meet John McCain's daughter, Meghan, who is a liberal and hotter than your conservative soccer mom Sarah Palin.


John McCain: A Rinopublican rubbing elbows with al-Qaeda. -

Suck Up -

John McCain: Blue Falcon -

Luckiest man in the world -

Cain Abel -

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Greeny - October 8, 2017, 7:25 am


Why Is Trump Resonating With Voters??? -

John McCain RINO -

Traitor John -